Our beautiful Regency Red Daimler V8-250, Jean, is a four-door saloon produced by Daimler in 1969 and was the last Daimler model built with the Edward Turner Daimler engine, used in the Daimler Dart, after the marque was acquired by Jaguar Cars in 1960.

It is an updated version of the early 2.5-V8 Saloon. It features ventilated leather upholstery, automatic transmission, all round disc brakes and Power Steering.

Whilst similar to the Jaguar MkII, the Daimler marque was recognised as more luxurious due to a long association with Royalty and prestigious high status owners.

This car is ideally suited for the Groom's personal transport to the wedding and comes complete with that superb exhaust note that you only get from a legendary V8 engine.