Prices & Packages

All our cars are booked out on a:-

One Wedding, Per Car, Per Day basis!

Our booking fee is only £50 per car and once booked, an agreed price is firm and sheltered from any increases in the interim period. This gives our couples confidence and enables them to set parameters for their budget. Remaining balance is not due until 30 days before the Wedding day.

Our Vintage Cars Kirby and Aghy together with our Limousines Lavigne and Trudie, and Daimler V8 250 Jean are all booked out at Peak Season (Saturdays from April through to September) at our base price of £330 per Car. This may include multiple trips. We do not charge extra's unless warranted by long distances.

We offer Registry Office Wedding Packages which include all our usual services, starting at only £155 subject to individual requirements.

Basically, discounts apply to off-peak periods, and in particular when more than one vehicle is booked, additional trips can often be provided without any additional costs, please discuss your thoughts and needs with us when you call.

Our special Bridegroom gift package can enable the Bride to book the Daimler V8 250 as a third car for her wedding gift / surprise to the Groom for just £175.

Your Special price will include:

When our cars are utilised for a civil ceremony where the wedding venue and reception are at the same address we offer a little something extra! Because we know how busy this big day can be, the few precious moments usually enjoyed alone by the Bride and Groom on the journey from the venue to the reception should not be lost, so we always offer to take the happy couple for a short drive to enjoy a private moment with their champagne after the vows have been exchanged and the photographs completed.

For further information, please contact us.

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