Why do you need a wedding car?

We hear a lot of people say they don't need a Wedding Car but we know from bitter experience that this is not always the case.

Consider the following:

When our cars are utilised for a civil ceremony, where the wedding venue and reception are at the same address, or adjacent to the Church, we offer a little something extra!

Those few precious moments usually enjoyed alone by the Bride and Groom on the journey from the venue to the reception should not be lost, so we always offer to take the happy couple for a short drive to enjoy a private moment with their champagne after the vows have been exchanged and the photographs completed. This could even be time for a few special photographs at a picturesque location. A chance to reassure, and say "I love you" in peaceful luxury.

This is an exclusive to Cloud Nine Classic Weddings and we know, it makes a difference.

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